Car Seat Safety Programs


When it comes to car seat safety, it is very easy to become confused about what is safest for your child.  There are best practice recommendations that come from American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and other safety advocates that conflict with state law and other suggestions you may hear from others. To help with the confusion, Lexlee’s Kids offers child passenger safety professionals who provide the most up to date information to help protect your most precious cargo against severe injury or death in a crash. Don’t wonder or assume you have your child’s car seat installed properly. Don’t hope they are harnessed in their car seat correctly. BE SURE, positive even! You wouldn’t try to do major maintenance on your vehicle if you were not qualified…you would take that vehicle to a professional. Your child is MAJOR and we are your car seat PROFESSIONALS!

Why Choose Lexlee’s Kids for Car Seat Safety?

It’s all about keeping kids safe! As safety professionals, we are aware of the dangers little ones face day in and day out.  As parents, we know you loved them before you met them.  We understand the mountains you would climb to keep them safe!  They are your most precious gift, your pride and joy…your children.  It’s a scary statistic, but one definitely worth repeating: automobile collisions remain among the leading causes of unintentional injury and death for children.  Some common mistakes found during car seat checks are:  not using child restraints at all, expired/recalled car seats, loose installs, incorrect harnessing of the child in the car seat, incorrect recline angle of rear facing car seats, installing car seats using both the seat belt and lower anchors and using car seats after they have been involved in a wreck. So, as your little one gets ready to ride, get “hooked” on car seat safety, let safe driving be your #1 priority and choose Lexlee’s Kids!

Lexlee’s Kids Buckle Boogie Car Seat Safety Program:

This program is designed to educate the community about the proper use of car seats free of charge. During 30-45 minute appointments and community events, caregivers meet with Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians who aim to share key information to better protect their children in and around vehicles. An individual appointment session includes: a short educational video, installation inspection; car seat features and correct use; buckling your child properly; general car seat safety education and hands-on installation assistance.