Safe Sleep


October is SIDS Awareness Month. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The term describes the sudden, unexplained death of an infant 1 month-1year of age. Louisiana is double the national average of SIDS deaths!

Placing babies on their backs to sleep reduces the risk for SIDS, also known as “crib death.” American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force recommends parents and caregivers make changes to promote a safe sleep environment and reduce the risk for SIDS.

Everyone who cares for babies should know the Safe Sleep Top 10! The cause of SIDS is still unknown but through research, these tips are easy ways to lower your baby’s risk of SIDS and promote a Safe Sleep!

1. Babies sleep safest on their backs!
2. Babies are safest alone on a firm sleep surface, such as on a safety approved crib mattress, covered by a fitted sheet. – Never place a baby on an adult bed, pillows, quilts, water beds, air mattress or other soft surfaces.
3. Keep soft objects, toys and loose bedding out of the baby’s sleep area.
4. Do not allow smoking around your baby.
5. Keep your baby’s sleep area close to, but separate from, where you and others sleep.
6. Think about using a clean, dry pacifier when placing your infant to sleep.
7. Do not let your baby overheat during sleep. Dress your baby in light sleep clothing at a comfortable temperature for an adult.
8. Avoid products that claim to reduce the risk of SIDS. Most have not been tested for safety!
9. Do not use home monitors to reduce the risk of SIDS.  Follow the Top 10!
10. Allow “tummy time” when your baby is awake and supervised to help them develop strong neck and shoulder muscles!

Did you know that bumper pads are not recommended in your child’s sleeping area?  Is your little one sleeping safely? What steps have you taken to ensure your child has a safe sleep?

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