Stuff your Valentine’s Day with Love & Safety!


Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the ground.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, jump up high.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the sky.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, bend down low.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch your toes.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn off the light.
Everybody say shh!
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say goodnight.
(Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Nursery Rhyme)

Valentine’s Day is here, and what better way to say I’m sweet on you than with a cute and cuddly teddy bear? We want you to SEE the dangers of those cute button eyes that make our fluffy friends seem more lifelike!

•Stay away from stuffed animals with features made of buttons, beads, or other small items that could fall or be chewed off. These small items could become choking hazards if they end up in your child’s mouth.

We may be bursting at the seams with love for our kids, but make sure their stuffed animals aren’t!

•Check the construction of stuffed animals for sturdy and tight seams to make sure that stuffing stays inside. If the stuffing comes out of your child’s teddy bear, it could become a choking hazard if they put it in their mouths.

We may poke their adorable chubby cheeks, but beware of stuffed animals that could poke your child!

•Watch out for wires in stuffed animal paws, ears, tails, etc. Even if these wires are covered with fur, they could still poke through and hurt your child.

Germs love your kids and their stuffed animals!

•Stuffed animals can become full of germs and dust mites fast, so pick a stuffed animal that you can easily wash and dry.

We always want our babies to feel cuddled and loved, especially on Valentine’s Day, but they should be the only one in their crib!

babyvalentine•Never put stuffed animals in your child’s crib with them. Fluffy stuffed animals can become a suffocation danger to your children in their crib.

How Sweet it is to be loved by you on Valentine’s Day!

•Small candy can be a choking hazard for children. Monitor your kids when they are enjoying the sweetness.

•Kids are always in a hurry! Don’t let your kiddo run with a sucker in their mouth. It could become lodged in their throat if they trip and fall.

nutrition•Saf-T-Pops are a safe candy option for children!They have a flexible fiber looped handle for safety and are allergen free. The handle is designed to bend instead of lodge like a stiff stick if a child falls with the candy in their mouth. The loop design is made for a swoop and pull if a child is choking on the candy.

•A small parts tester will help you to know if your Valentine trinkets are a safe size for your child. A toilet paper roll can also be used to identify choke-able toys. Do not let small children play unsupervised with anything that can fit into one of these cylinders.

Spread love and safety this Valentine’s Day! Join hands with Lexlee’s Kids in caring for your kids’ safety. If you have any questions about child safety, feel free to post here or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225.372.3991.

Co-written by: Haley Taylor, 2016 Spring SLU Intern

It’s Carnival Time Baby!


king_cake_beads_and_babyThe Mardi Gras season offers a fun time for families, friends, visitors and Louisianans alike! Year after year, Parade Goers set up along parade routes to picnic, play games, and enjoy a good ole’ time while the Parades go by. It’s every kid’s dream! You can catch Throws such as beads, doubloons, stuffed animals, toys and more! And King Cake, oh the King Cake, oh so sweet and takes you straight into Fat Tuesday!

We are throwing you a list of tips to keep your kids safe and to laissez les bon temps rouler during this Mardi Gras season!

1. Enjoying a slice or two, or three of King Cake? Watch out for those treasures that await inside the box.king cake warning.3.2.2014
2. Stay arms reach to your kids, but have a plan for if you are separated from your child(s):
• Use a safety tattoo or permanent marker with your information that won’t rub off
• Have a meeting place
• Take a picture of your child that day, so you will have a picture to show if you get separated
• Teach them not wander off, but to ask police officers, ems, firefighters for help and not just any stranger if they become lost

3. Teach kids to stay away from floats and other parade vehicles!
• Don’t get too close to the floats or bend down near them to pick up throws
• Don’t run into street between floats – the driver may not see you and will not be able to stop suddenly
• Heads up! Some throws are large, heavy or even sharp. Those items should be handed to individuals, but watch out for items that could hit and hurt when being tossed.

4. Check the weather before heading out each day – the weather in Louisiana can change from 30 to 80 degrees in matter of hours – you will want to be dressed appropriately. Don’t forget sunscreen! Again, Louisiana weather is about as predictable as …., well, you just never know

5. Get there early to make sure you have a good spot – being in a hurry opens the door for injury. Plan your routes and parking – roads will be blocked off and parking lots fill up quickly.

6. This is something that poses more risks than benefits, but if you are bringing a ladder, know that you must keep it as far back as it is tall. You should keep hands on your kids, strap them in and you have to consider the weight load and stability of the ladder.

7. This also comes with more risk than benefit, but if you are manually giving your kids a lift to catch throws, make sure you can handle the weight, have good grip and balance and have not been drinking! Alcohol, stumbling, crowds, kids in the air, concrete below…not a good mix! Besides, IT’S NEVER A GOOD IDEA TO DRINK & DRIVE.

8. Certain areas and parades are not family friendly and cautious of child safety measures during Mardi Gras celebrations. Choose your festivities wisely.

9. Pack healthy snacks and lots of water. The amount of cotton candy, sodas, hot dogs, king cake on a stick and other yummy, yet unhealthy snacks are always available. An apple or two would be a good mix, and we don’t mean candy apples!

10. Bring a large sturdy bag – the kids will catch a lot and you will need a way to transport the goodies home and hold hands while walking through streets and parking lots! Keep in mind the size and weight of your stuffed throw bags. Back/shoulder injuries and lose of balance could occur.

11. Check your bag for choking hazards, which will likely be nearly everything. Take precaution, educate older kids and keep out of reach for small children.

109866574-630x441So many rules and safety concerns, it would seem we don’t want you and your family to enjoy the season, BUT WE DO! We are the fun time safety people! The best times are had when no one gets hurt…and we know you will agree!

For a variety of tips to keep your kids safe during Carnival time, please visit:

Baton Rouge parade schedules and routes (check the maps for alcohol free and family friendly areas):

Join hands with Lexlee’s Kids in caring for your kids’ safety. If you have any questions about Mardi Gras safety, feel free to post here or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225.372.3991.

Co-written by: Haley Taylor, 2016 Spring SLU Intern

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez…SAFELY!


mardi gras picIt’s Mardi Gras time! The festivities have begun and the good times are rolling! Carnival season in the South is a time to make memories and pass a good time sha. Is your family planning to participate in some of dat good ole Louisiana fun? Take some time to think about safety before you holla…”Throw Me Somethin’ Mister!”

  • When choosing a parade, choose one with good clean family fun. Check out Baton Rouge Moms 2014 family friendly parade schedule at:
  • Prepare for the weather before you head out. The weather in South Louisiana can change rapidly, so try to be prepared.
  • Review the rules before leaving home. Some rules may be:
    • Stay behind the barricades.
    • Do not dart out into traffic and never run after throws.
    • Teach your child their name and phone number or write it on their arm.
    • Once you arrive at your spot, show your child some landmarks to meet if separated, but remind them to always stay close.
  • Take a picture of your child with you or snap a picture with your cell phone. If needed, you will have it to show law enforcement.
  • Leave early to park and to ensure a good, safe spot.
  • Never leave children unattended or allow them to ride in the back of a pickup truck.
  • Avoid putting your child on top of a ladder or on your shoulders. The higher they are the harder they fall.
  • Stay in well-lit and populated areas.

Lexlee’s Kids wishes you and your children a happy and safe Mardi Gras season! If you have any questions about child and Mardi Gras safety tips, feel free to post here or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225.372.3991.

Check out our previous Mardi Gras Safety article at:

Article co-written by: Donna Theriot, 2014 SLU Spring Intern



imagesThanksgiving, CHECK!  Christmas, CHECK!  The only thing left is to continue into the New Year the right way!  We know that most will be enjoying themselves through the weekend, but remember a good time can be had without alcohol and if you are at least 21 and decide to enjoy a drink, be responsible and hand over the keys.  Law enforcement is on duty at every corner waiting for the next person to come along that has had “too” much to drink.  So, instead of spending your Christmas cash on bail; why not make prior arrangements to ensure the safety of yourself as well as others on the road. Here are a few tips for the tipsy:

  1. Stay the night
  2. Call a cab
  3. Designate a driver who’s had nothing to drink (before you start drinking)
  4. Don’t drink

Side note: it is not safe for you to drink and walk! Intoxicated walkers lose control just like drivers! It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3! 1. Stumble in front of a vehicle, 2. Injury or death, 3. Even if the driver is not physically injured, you have just caused severe mental injury!Police-Lights

The only bright lights you should see are the ones in the sky, not the ones on top of a police unit!  Let’s make this year one to remember for the right reasons!  Think before you drink!

Questions or comments about traffic safety? Post your thoughts here or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225-372-3991. Like us on FB and follow us on Twitter! Happy and safe 2014 to all!

Co-written by: Tori Wilson, 2013 Fall SLU Intern

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen!


kitchenThe kitchen is the heart of the home, especially during the holiday season.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and this time of year is no exception to keeping your children safe.  We know how much they love being involved with the holiday preparations, especially when it comes to cooking.  Can you say little Chef Boyardee?? But, being that cooking is the leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries for children, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions to prevent injuries to your little helper.  We’ve whipped up some safety tips to keep your family safe this holiday season:



  1. Stay in the home when cooking turkey and check the oven frequently.
  2. Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking on the stovetop.
  3. Keep young children away from the stove and cooking area, this will help keep the floor clear so you don’t trip over kids and toys.
  4. Make sure kids stay away from hot food and liquids.  Steam or splash can cause serious burns.
  5. Keep sharp utensils out of the reach of children.
  6. Keep electric cords from dangling from the counter.
  7. Keep matches and utility lighters out of the reach of children—up high in a locked cabinet.
  8. Make sure your smoke alarms are working properly.
  9. Create fun, easy and safe dishes/snacks for your little helper to whip up.

In the spirit of giving and being thankful, we would like to say thank you for supporting Lexlee’s Kids. We enjoy giving you the latest and greatest when it comes to keeping your little turkey safe!  Please except our gift of safety this holiday season, and check out some of our past holiday safety articles at: For more info about holiday safety post here or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225-372-3991.

Co-written by: Tori Wilson, 2013 Fall SLU Intern

Oh Sweet Safety!


boo2_0Ghosts, goblins and witches, OH MY!  Halloween is peeping around the corner, and hopefully you are prepared for all the excitement and treats!  Let your kids tell it, CANDY is the best part of the celebration!  Knowing which types of candy are appropriate for your children can ensure their safety this Halloween.  Here are some easy tips to remember:

  1. Avoid choking hazards such as gum, hard candies, or small toys and treats for young children (know CPR incase of an emergency)
  2. Children shouldn’t snack while they’re trick-or-treating.  Parents should check treats at home before digging in. You definitely don’t want kids hurrying from house to house with suckers in their mouth. It could become lodged in their throat if they trip and fall. Consider Saf-T-Pops (safety lollipops for toddlers with a flexible fiber loop handle)
  3. Watch for signs of treat tampering, such as small pinholes in wrappers and torn or loose packages.
  4. Accept and give out candy that is not easy to unwrap.  Treats with twist-type wrapping can be tampered with more easily than sealed goodies.
  5. When in doubt, throw it out. There are surly plenty of other options in the grab bag!

saftpopsWhat’s your family’s treats of choice? What is your safety plan for a night potentially crawling with danger? If your have questions or comments about how to keep your kids safe while out and about on Halloween, post here or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225-372-3991. Be sure to subscribe to our blog (, like us on FB ( and follow us on Twitter (! Have a safe and SPOOK-tacular Halloween!

Past Halloween Safety Article:

Co-Written by: Tori Wilson, 2013 Fall SLU Intern

Are you lighting your baby with lead this holiday season?


 Twinkle twinkle Christmas lights, always shining oh so bright

Wrap the baby and say cheese, might even put em’ under the tree

Twinkle twinkle Christmas lights, always shining oh so bright

We’ve been hearing lots of chatter about parents wrapping their babies in Christmas lights for that perfect holiday photo. Did you know…54% of holiday lights tested in a U.S. study had more lead than regulators permit in children’s products, with some containing more than 30 times those levels?!?! Light manufacturers do not hide the fact that their products contain lead. You may find warnings on the lights, box, instructions, etc. There are no safe levels of lead exposure for young and unborn children. Holiday lights are not children’s products. With that being said…don’t get yourself wrapped up in something that lights up so many safety concerns!

Don’t let your kids touch the pretty lights and if decorating with lights, be sure to wash your hands and arms after handling. If you are pregnant try not to handle the lights at all. If you must, wear gloves and a mask in addition to sanitizing hands and arms when done. You can choose to buy lead free lights, but they are difficult to find and surly more expensive.

What’s the first danger that comes to mind when you think of this seemingly picture perfect moment? Lead? Strangulation? Shock/electrocution? Choking hazard?

Now remember, we are talking about touching the lights, playing with the lights, wrapping your kiddos in the lights…Decorate and enjoy your holiday season, but be aware of the possible risks that could occur if precautions are not taken.

Keep your most precious gift safe this holiday season! For more information about holiday safety post here or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225-372-3991.

Light Up the Night!


MOO-HA-HA! Halloween is here and all the little trick-or-treaters have a lot to fear! Not goblins, not monsters, not ghosts or zombies, but…making sure traffic is carefully minding! Make sure your little monsters can be seen this Halloween!




  • Reflective costumes and candy bags, reflective tape can also be used
  • Glow in the dark items (glow sticks, wrist bands, necklaces)
  • Sparkly accessories for those pretty princesses
  • Flashlights
  • Blinking lights that can be attached to candy creatures walking at nightfall
  • Light up shoes
  • Bright color costumes and add-ons
  • A safety whistle for children who are mature enough to understand it’s use 

Light up the night with plenty of sparkle and creativity! Letting your child use their imigination can help them be spotted easily in the candy crowd. Be sure to choose Halloween costumes that are bright and clearly visible.

Place emergency contact information on your little trick-or-treater, keep a close hand on the kiddos, NEVER allow your child to trick-or-treat alone, even older kids! Groups are much more fun, but just make sure the groups are not so distracting that safety hazards and precautions are ignored.  Trick-or-treat in your neighborhood, this will allow for familiar surroundings and people.


Super Safe Costume Ideas:

  • Traffic Cone (you could be a whole family of cones!)
  • Safety Super Hero
  • Police Officer
  • Firefighter
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Paramedic
  • Traffic Light
  • Stop Sign
  • Box of Neon Crayons

What others can you come up with?!?!

Fun Snack Idea:

Tombstone Dessert Cups

  • Chocolate Pudding
  • You’re Choice of Cookies
  • Chocolate Icing
  • Oreo Cookie Crumbs


The streets are CRAWLING with all sorts of SCARY stuff! Who will be your SAFETY SUPER HERO this Halloween…carefully creeping at every corner, louder than a siren when danger is near?!?!?

If your have questions or comments about how to keep your kids safe while out and about on Halloween, post here or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225-372-3991. Have a SPOOK-tacular Halloween!


Article Co-Written by: Ebony Franklin (2012 Fall SLU Intern)


A Gift from the Bottom of our Heart


Dear Lexlee’s Kids Family,

As safety professionals, we are aware of the dangers little ones face day in and day out.  As a mother; godparent; aunt and ordinary person, we know that you loved them before you met them.  We understand the mountains you would climb to keep them safe!  They are your most precious gift, your pride and joy…your children.   Everyday we share ways to keep your kids safe, and we love every moment of it.

We would like to thank you for supporting Lexlee’s Kids.  What a joy it is to hear from parents, caregivers and community members who are grateful for the services our organization provides!  Without your enthusiasm, Lexlee’s Kids would not be such a success.  We sincerely cherish your devotion, and hope you will continue to join hands and walk beside us as we make tremendous strides.  

In the season of giving, please consider giving thought to a child’s safety.  Whether you let a neighbor know their child should ride in a child safety seat, donate a bike helmet to a child in need, read your child a bedtime story about being nice to others or stay up to date on the latest child safety information; remember the gift of safety is the gift that keeps on giving!

We would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season. 

Best Wishes & Seasons Greetings,

Lexlee and Crystal

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Safety!


Festivities, merry-making and family gatherings are what the holidays are made of.  The holidays are here and it’s time to make sure your decorating is done right!  Wether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzza or the winter weather, welcome safety into your home this holiday season.  While Christmas trees, candles, lights and other decorations are great ways to highlight the holidays, they can pose safety hazards.  Make sure you add safety to your list while you are lighting the way for Santa and his sleigh!

  • No, No! Avoid placing ornaments with small parts,  metal hooks or food look-a-likes on the lower branches where small children can reach.
  • Peek-A-Boo! Trim protruding branches at or below a child’s eye level.
  • Go Green.  If your family will be enjoying an artificial tree, look for a fire resistant label.
  • O Chirstmas Tree, O Christmas Tree. Natural trees involve some risk of fire. Give your tree a good shake, if it is losing needles, don’t purchase it.
  • Hydrate for the Holidays. Keep your tree well watered, check water levels frequently and do not put the  tree within three feet of a fireplace, space heater, radiator or heat vent.
  • Lights Out. If you are out, so are the lights. If decorating your yard, be sure to use outdoor lights and cords.  Unplug all in and outdoor lights before leaving home or going to bed…Christmas tree’s too!   
  • Don’t be A-Frayed!  Inspect lights for exposed or frayed wires, loose connections and broken sockets.
  • System Shut Down.  Do not overload extension cords or outlets and do not run an electrical cord under a rug.
  • Way to Burn. Do not burn tree branches, treated wood or wrapping paper in a home fireplace.   
  • Holiday Glow. Keep candles away from decorations and other combustible materials.  Make sure that the little ones cannot reach candles and they are extinguished before leaving the house or going to bed.  Always keep a fire extinguisher on hand!
  • Don’t Play with Poisons!  Keep alcohol beverages out of reach and do not leave them unattended. Color additives used in fireplace fires are a toxic product and should be stored out of reach.  If you are dreaming of a white Christmas, be aware that artificial snow can be harmful if inhaled, so use it in a well-vented space. Mistletoe berries, Holly Berry and Jerusalem Cherry can be poisonous. If they are used in decorating, make sure children and pets cannot reach.  For poison emergencies, call the National Poison Control Center at 800-222-1222.

Pretty, Pretty Poinsettias

Ahhh Poinsettias…the beautiful star shaped red blooms that bring a whiff of holiday spirit into homes.  For years these plants have been removed from around Christmas trees and tables, and away from small children and pets.  It may come as a surprise for some, but Poinsettias are not poisonous after all.  Eating a large amount of Poinsettias may cause a stomach upset, but luckily due to the plant’s bitter taste, your little ones will probably show their yucky face. Keeping this plant out of the reach is still a good idea, but you need not banish the Poinsettia from your home for fear of a fatal exposure.  So parents and caregivers of small children can now rejoice and enjoy the holidays with their Poinsettia plants.

Join hearts and hands with Lexlee’s Kids in caring for our kid’s safety this holiday season. If you are interested in learning more about decorating or holiday safety, feel free to post here or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225-761-7272 or