Hitting the Sky for the Holidays? Don’t forget to Restrain on the Plane!


airplane1It’s holiday time and that means it’s time to hit the road and sky! You’ve checked your list and checked it twice: stroller, toys, diaper bag, snacks, paci, blanket, pillow…what else could be missing from the list? You guessed it…the CAR SEAT!  We all know kids need car seats in vehicles. As silly as it may sound…YES, you should restrain on the plane! YES, toting a child; car seat and luggage through an airport is a hassle, but your child is worth it!



Why does my child need a CAR seat on a PLANE?

Think about it, before take off the flight attendants tell you to store all loose objects. Your child is

Diono Radian. Would this make your travels easier?

Diono Radian. Would this make your travels easier?

considered to be one of those objects in this situation. Just like in a vehicle crash or hard break, you will most likely NOT be able to hold on to your child should there be a sudden drop or turbulence. Visual: if your child is not restrained and the plane hits an air pocket and/or drops a distance, your child will end up in the ceiling of the plane. If your child is not restrained and the plane experiences turbulence, your child could shift and be thrown just like the luggage stored in the over-head compartment. Consequences: All could possibly result in serious injury or death to your child.

*** Little extra tid-bit: your child will likely be more comfortable in a car seat while flying. They can sleep comfortably and so can you!


  • Booster seats should not be used on aircrafts! You need a lap and should belt for booster seats, planes are only equipped with lap belts.
  • You should not check your child’s car seat. 1: you need it on the plane, 2: you run the risk of your child’s seat getting damaged during load, travel and unload and 3. should your luggage become “misplaced”, what will you use to get your child from the airport to your destination?
  • They don’t typically sell car seats at airports and car seat rental is not recommended.

VIDEO:  Explains why you should restrain a child on a plane:


VIDEO: Um…NO! You don’t know when you will experience turbulence, until your baby is shaken from your arms! There is no SAFE way to fly with your baby on your lap! We vote for prevention! Side Note: The video is by the clueless chick and do you really want your baby to “FLY FREE” on a plane (fly free, like go flying!)…think about it.


Helpful Resources:

What are your thoughts about using car seats on planes? Are you willing to take the chance for a free flight for baby? For more information about traveling your child safely post her or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225-372-3991.

Co-written by: Tori Wilson, 2013 Fall SLU Intern

Let Road Safety Light the way this Holiday Season!


The holidays are an exciting time full of hot chocolate, Santa and travels. Why not give the gift of SAFETY this holiday season? When planning your holiday getaway, Lexlee’s Kids would like you and your precious cargo to be safe. Here are a few holiday travel safety tips that should be on your list.

Check your List and Check it Twice

A vehicle inspection should be done regularly and especially when traveling long distances. Check tires for proper air pressure, wear, damage, and of course, remember the spare! Check oil, brake, transmission, steering, and coolant fluid levels along with belts and hoses. Wiper blades should be checked often, especially when traveling through lovely winter weather.  Lights, and not your Christmas tree lights! Check your headlights, turning signals, break and reverse lights before heading out. When traveling during the colder months, make sure your heater and windshield defogger are up to par.

Pack an Emergency Roadside Kit

Equip your vehicle with a travel safety kit. Items should include: jumper cables, flashlight, batteries, reflectors, water, fire extinguisher and basic tools. Even Santa is prepared if there’s sleigh trouble during his log trip!

Buckle Up

Be a good ROAD-model and make sure all passengers buckle up every trip, every time! Protect your most precious gift this holiday season and make sure children are PROPERLY RESTRAINED in their car seat or seat belt, if appropriate. Schedule an appointment with a Lexlee’s Kids Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician at 225-372-3991.

Drop the Distractions

Don’t let your holiday be ruined by a crash. Avoid distractions while driving and teach children not to distract the driver. The year speeds by fast enough, be sure to obey posted speed limits!

Never Leave Children Unattended in or Around Vehicles

In just a moment, your child could be in danger!  Leaving your child unattended in a vehicle is ILLEGAL in Louisiana!  What about in your state? We hear a lot about heatstroke in the summer months, but freezing temperatures can have harmful effects as well.  Also, children may be able to unbuckle a seat belt or get out of a car seat and put a parked car into gear or what if your vehicle is stolen with your child inside? Also, be cautious of children in front of or behind vehicles. Vehicles have blind zones and children are sometimes lurking when drivers are unaware.  http://bit.ly/tmcIOl.

 Drinking + Driving = Death

Don’t be selfish…remember you are not the only one on the road.  The life you save could be your own, someone’s mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, wife, child and the list goes on. Take a tipsy taxi, call a friend, call your parents, but don’t drink and drive!

Be the HAPPY in Happy Holidays! Make sure your family is safe this holiday season and into the New Year! If you have questions about child or travel safety, post here or contact Lexlees Kids at 225-372-3991.  

Best Wishes & Safe Travels,

Lexlee’s Kids