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burnedhoverboardSome say lazy & unhealthy (we should be getting our steps in), some say great ab workout (the balancing forces you to keep your core tight), some say fun and some say dangerous! Hoverboards are currently the hot buy. Literally…HOT! They may seem fun, but they pose risks! The fun and futuristic devices continue to cause fires and many injuries.

We have several concerns, but our top two are: 1. Helmets and 2. You should be focusing on not getting hit or hitting someone else instead of keeping your balance. The boards are being banned from sidewalks/streets in several areas! If you are looking to invest in a hoverboard, please do your research & make safety your priority! Here are some turn by turn tips to help you and your kiddos stay safe while enjoying your hoverboard!

• Research before you buy a hoverboard.
• Do not buy the lower budget model – these tend to be the models that catch fire!
• Packages, the device itself, or even the charging equipment will be labeled if it has been tested to meet minimum safety standards.
• Also, make sure to purchase with a warranty and notify the manufacturer and distributor of any problems.
• Product safety concerns can also be reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

• Charge in an open area away from combustible materials.
• Avoid leaving the hoverboard unattended while it is charging.
• Have a working fire extinguisher nearby while charging or using a hoverboard in and around your home.
• Do not overcharge the hoverboard or leave it plugged in overnight.
• Do not use imitation chargers.
• Only charge 1 device per outlet.
• Always let the hoverboard cool off after use and before charging.

5151dLbc0gL._SY300_ Operating:
• Always read the user guide before riding a hoverboard and operate with the intended use.
• Calibrate board before riding. (To check if calibrated, lift the wheel up and press hand with the footpad. If the wheel is spinning and it is not shaking on you, it is calibrated correctly.)
• Suggested safety gear: a helmet (always!), elbow pads, kneepads, and wrist guards as needed.
• Do not text or operate a phone while riding board.
• Do not use a hoverboard on or near a road.
• Stand in the middle, not too much toe and not too much heel with a wide stance. Always look forward and not down.
• To get off of the board, always step backward not forward.
• If the board becomes very hot with use, discontinue use and check with the retailer about the issue.

Statement from U.S. CPSC Chairman Elliot F. Kaye on the Safety of Hoverboards and the Status of the Investigation:

Join hands with Lexlee’s Kids in caring for your kids’ safety. If you have any questions about hoverboard safety, feel free to post here or contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225.372.3991.

Co-written by: Haley Taylor, 2016 Spring SLU Intern

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