A Note from a Happy Mommy

Crystal, thank you so much for EVERYTHING yesterday. I feel so empowered. Before you taught me everything about our carseat I was anxious about making sure it was safe for the baby, and wondering if I would ever be able to move it from car-to-car. At this point I feel like I could take the whole thing apart and reinstall it without hesitation…all the while knowing my baby is safe! Thank you! You spent an exceptional amount of time with me yesterday and I’m very grateful for it. The service you provide our community with is invaluable.

-Happy Mom

A Safe Baby Makes a Happy Mommy

Crystal, Thank you so much!!!! I cannot express enough how grateful I am for all of your help with my car seat. You really make a huge difference in people’s lives everyday by providing such great services, and I am sure you have helped save many lives as a result of your dedication and hard work. I was so impressed with how thorough you were with explaining everything and I really appreciate all of the extra time you took helping me. It is people like you that make this world a better, safer place!  Thanks again for going above and beyond to make my baby and family safe!


Meg Thomassie

Another Safe Child!

Hi Crystal,

Thanks so much! I made it to the event and my baby girl received a new car seat! I can’t thank you guys enough!  And I think Kaylie likes her new seat too, she fell right to sleep right when we got on the road.  I really appreciate the service you guys provide for mother’s like myself, who happen to be going through a rough time and a new, safe carseat took a big worry off of my shoulders. And especially with the service yall provide with how to make sure its installed correctly…that information meant just as much as the free seat itself.  I had no idea my previous seat was not installed correctly.  But anyway, thank you and everyone who donated their time again for everything… and please pass this along to Karen at the Safety Council.  She was the one who helped me install it and everything.  Thanks again!!

-A Greatful Mom