Young Driver Safety Programs

Looking for activities to REV up traffic safety for your youth group? You’ve traveled to the right place! Young drivers, parents, high schools, driver education facilities and community members…BUCKLE UP and get ready to travel the road to safety!

Why Choose Lexlee’s Kids Young Driver Safety Programs?

It’s simple: TO SAVE LIVES! Louisiana currently has one of the highest fatality rates in the country when it comes to motor vehicle crashes. According to LSU Data Reports, there were an estimated 631 total fatal crashes, and 43,780 total injury crashes on Louisiana roadways in 2012. This Data proves that our state’s moderate to severe injury rate is even more alarming than the death rate. Improvements have been made, but our state has a lot of work to do in the area of traffic safety in order to reach “Destination ZERO Deaths.”

Young, novice drivers are significantly over represented in fatal crashes. In its July 19, 2013 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, CDC released that there were 34,485 motor vehicle deaths among US residents, with young people ages 15-24 accounting for 22% of those fatalities. Research shows that inexperience, lack of seat belt use, distractions and alcohol use aggravate the young driving issue. In Louisiana, there were a reported 102 fatal crashes involving youth between the ages of 15 to 20 and 9,847 injury crashes in 2012, while alcohol contributed to 19.7% crashes involving young drivers ages 18-20. Engineering, enforcement, education, emergency medical services and other strategies focused on common teen driver errors, will help keep our roads safer for everyone.

One of the best ways drivers and passengers can protect themselves is to be properly restrained when in a vehicle. Safety belts increase your survival rate by 70% if involved in a crash. The great news is, education and enforcement is working! We are up to an 82% seat belt usage rate in Louisiana… an all time high! But, to take it down a notch: 20% of drivers not wearing seatbelts make up 60% of all traffic deaths!

Crashes not only take lives, they also cost our state billions each year. There is a strong need to reinforce federal and state highway safety initiatives in our community in order to decrease motor vehicle crashes and SAVE LIVES!

Ready Set Drive: RSD COLOR

The program is designed to educate young drivers about the negative effects of distracted driving, underage drinking and impaired driving in an effort to initiate positive behavior change in regards to occupant protection and traffic safety. Thanks to the support of Louisiana Highway Safety Commission and State Farm Insurance, Lexlee’s Kids is able to offer innovative approaches to working with young drivers, while facilitating the use of problem solving skills to evaluate driving situations.  We provide creative examples of active learning techniques for young adults through: PowerPoint presentation, engaging videos, group discussion, driving and impairment simulation, games and activities. Our agency prides itself on its ability to successfully deliver a life-saving, data-driven program to our youth using a fun, unique and hands-on learning style.

Alive at 25: 

Alive at 25 is a  4-hour defensive driving course developed by the National Safety Council that serves as an excellent complement to standard driverPrint education programs and is ideal for young drivers ages 15-24. Through interactive media, workbook exercises and class discussions, young drivers develop strategies to keep them safe on the road. Alive at 25 is a highly interactive program that encourages young drivers to take responsibility for their driving behavior. Skill practices and on-the-spot defensive driving techniques will help change daring behavior to confidence and safety awareness.

Course  instructors use personal examples and even humor to get their point across. Workbook exercises, interactive media segments, group discussions, role-playing, and short lectures help young drivers develop convictions and strategies that will keep them safer on the road.

The on-going and expansion of Lexlee’s Kids traffic safety programs is important because young drivers only represent 13% of all licensed drivers, yet they cause 28% of all traffic crashes and 24% of all fatal crashes. By understanding the risks and hazards a teen driver faces while behind the wheel, youth and adults can work together make our roads safe for everyone!

Want your young driver to have a road map to safety? You’ve reached your destination! Contact Lexlee’s Kids at 225-372-3991 for more info or CLICK HERE TO REQUEST REGISTRATION INFO!